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Trailer Skip Bin Hire Servicing Adelaide's Western Suburbs

Trailer Skip Bin Hire in Adelaide's Western Suburbs

Our speedy, reliable service and budget pricing make us one of Adelaide's fastest growing rubbish collection services.

At Peninsula Trailer Bins we offer a reliable and cost saving waste management service.

Our trailer skip bins are a cheaper, mobile alternative to a regular fixed skip bin for household, garden and business rubbish removal.

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You might think that hiring a trailer and taking rubbish to the dump yourself is the cheaper and practical option. However, there is the fuel cost, your time, and the dump fees that you need to consider.


Most rubbish removal, especially for larger renovations and clean ups, will take you more than one trip. The total cost that you will incur may be the same compared to simply hiring a trailer skip bin.

More importantly, you can spend your time on other important matters when you hire one of our budget trailer skip bins. Our bins have an opening door at the rear for easy loading. They are also open on top which makes loading even easier.

Call or SMS 0481 274 420

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